Three perspectives to the game of volleyball: UPWVT Assistant Coach Joyce Palad

Joyce Palad played setter for the UPWVT from Season 72-74. She played for only three seasons because she wasn’t listed for the team during her freshman year and during her final campaign – which would have been Season 75 – she contracted a sickness and the recovery time wasn’t enough for her to get back into playing shape.

Now working as an assistant coach for the Lady Fighting Maroons, Palad brings a comprehensive understanding of the game having seen it from three points of view – as a player, as a journalist, and as a coach.

We talked to – ahem – Coach Joyce about these viewpoints and explored how they all intersect somewhere along the way.

As a player

“When I was playing, what I see at any particular moment, yung lang papansinin ko. Maglalaro ka lang. You work on your weaknesses and try to get better sa strengths mo. Ganoon lang.”

As a journalist (Joyce wrote for Fox sports online)

“For me, honestly, it was more difficult to write. You have to be more objective kasi. Hindi ka puwedeng one-sided sa story. If a team won — why did they win? Why did the other team lose? You have to look for a balance and you have to look at every angle.”

Other teams she had to write about knew she was a former player. “So it wasn’t easy lalo na they knew me as an opponent. Although meron familiarity, it wasn’t easy for them and for me.”

As a journalist compared to a player, iba yung pag-dissect mo ng game.

As a coach

“Siguro na pick up ko rin yung looking at the game as a journalist sa pag-coach. Now, I am more observant and detailed about everything. You look at every detail on how each spiker attacks and what the defense can do to counter the attack. You have to look at how the opponent moves. Konting galaw ng receiver, setter, lahat papansinin mo. Pag-aaralan mo. I understand the game more now (than) when I was playing.

The transition to coaching wasn’t as difficult as writing about the game. From the time I played up to now, I learned the stats part because I was a part of VIS (Volleyball Information System). We look at each play and game. Before we call an action, we have to make quick decisions — is it the right one? There are a lot of possibilities in every play.

It also helped that nag-coach na rin ako ng high school sa Assumption sa Makati and sa Bulacan. Then yung exposure ko sa VIS really helped.

And now, I try to apply all of that in helping the UPWVT improve and win a championship.”

Seeing the game from three perspectives gives Coach Joyce a more holistic approach toward achieving the team’s goals – she is able to be objective in terms of analyzing the strengths and needs of the Lady Fighting Maroons, to be driven to train hard and succeed, and also importantly, to nurture and motivate each individual team member.