Rosie Rosier’s Guide to a Day’s Eats inside the UP Campus

Let’s get this out of the way – I love to eat. I am matakaw. I don’t look it because I work out and train a lot so I burn calories real fast. It sure is nice being an active student-athlete! I can also cook! You have to taste my adobo! But that conversation is for another time. Today, let me take you on a tour of the simple pleasures of my eating life inside the UP Campus.

I am from Laguna, but I moved to the UP Campus in Diliman for college and my dorm is near so many places where one can eat! There are restaurants, kiosks, and booths inside the campus and there are nearby food places such as UP Town Center and the whole stretch of Katipunan road.

Since most of my time is either in classes or in training, I often eat inside the campus. Here is a list of my favorite eats in UP:

Balai Salo-Salo

My top favorite – top na favorite pa. That’s how much I love this place. It’s two streets away from Area 2. The people who work there are the nicest people. My fave food and what I reco – lechon kawali and pork inasal! They also have healthy food choices that we like such as ampalaya or laing. Just not okra. Eew. I hate okra. Today, I had sinigang na salmon! Yum! Healthy food choice for me today.

This is also where our team, the UPWVT, gets our free food! Free na, masarap pa!

Food trucks at Ipil Residence Hall

These cut and open food stalls are a few minutes away from my dorm. It is my second favorite eating place because for one, it’s cheap! Second, it’s very close by so it’s convenient. What makes their food and menu really attractive is the lutong bahay style – just the way you like it cooked. I also like their Pinoy desserts such as yema, ube, and kutsinta.

Endless Summer

This is the first food store to try in Area 2. They sell a lot of fried food such as sisig and sizzling tofu that are bestsellers. I go here for one of my favorite drinks – how many times have I used “favorite” now? Hahaha! – Choco Banana! It’s a blend of chocolate powder, milk, and fresh bananas. It’s especially refreshing on a hot sunny day. Like this summer, hoo! Give me my Choco Banana now!


When I eat here, I go for the fried noodles and takoyaki. Some of my teammates would buy food here before we leave for a game. We call it our pre-game snack. It’s cheap and pleasantly different.

Summers and Sundays

It’s a café-like restaurant. I like it not only for the food but because of the air-conditioning that helps beat the heat! Rem (Cailing) and I are here today to eat our favorite snack – mango tapioca! It’s the next best dessert next to mango graham. Mango lover here!


This one is very convenient because it is right beside our dorm. This is where I have breakfast before heading for class. My favorite snack there is leche flan.

Next time, we explore the eats outside the campus! Hope this all whets your appetite.

Bon appétit!