A day in the student-athlete life of Abbie Lim


Our call time is 5:30 AM for morning trainings so I need to leave my condominium at 5:00 AM. I get up at 4 to give myself time to prepare my things, change, and book an Uber (which takes longer than one would think).

This is me writing on my planner. Hahaha! With everything that goes on, my planner keeps me organized. In it, I write what I need to study and when I plan to study it. I list down all my assignments. I take note of our game schedule and whatnot. If you check it, you’d see that most of my time is spent for volleyball and math exercises (because math is my favorite subject).

Training takes up a lot of time, so I don’t get much time to study. I have to use the hours between the end of my classes and the beginning of practice to review lessons and prepare for exams. That is what I am doing in the photo, doing the stat homework that was assigned earlier that day.

Training – it’s the highlight of my day. No matter how exhausted I feel after a full day’s worth of classes, I get recharged, ironically, by our practices. Volleyball has really brought more excitement into my life. It’s another dimension to my otherwise ordinary student life.

What’s a better way to end the day than dinner with family? This is our team (MIA Ate Mae and Ate Marist) after trainings. We have food delivered to the gym and we eat together. So many funny memories and bonding moments happen during our dinners. It’s a part of my day that is without a doubt, irreplaceable.